COVID 19: The Challenge for Business and Organizational Leadership

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, it seems that the only thing that has been consistent, is that circumstances are consistently changing. As our understanding of this virus evolves, the best course of actions that are taken, the estimates of impact and projected timelines have also changed. Often these narratives have changed without a clear explanation. This has led to confusion, less confidence in the decision-making process and sometimes even a reluctance to comply.

As we begin to return to work, business and organizational leaders are faced with making decisions, setting directions, and displaying confidence to their staff and stakeholders in a time when changes are rapidly taking place. In this video, Dr. Pamela Tume discusses how leaders can help foster a safe, stable, and secure work culture in this time of significant change.

Issues raised include consistency of messaging, resilience practices, safety leadership, building a strong learning organization and how all of these factors can influence the mental health of workers across an organization.