The Role that Charitable Non-Profit Boards Play

We know work culture characteristics and traits that we evaluate in the highly regulated nuclear industry are often applicable to other work environments.  Interestingly, the Expert Panel Discussion on the role that Non-Profit Charitable boards play, raise many of the same work culture challenges.  Issues about accountability, the need for a learning work environment, the necessity for processes to address arising situations and the importance of a strong leadership foundation are clearly top of mind.  Not only does this video highlight these issues, it also describes the impact that these types of culture challenges are having among some non-profit boards.

This video is the first the in a series of Expert Panel Discussions from the Resilience 2020 Project. 

The Resilience 2020 project was created to seek input from charitable non-profit sector representatives on their experiences, their challenges, perceptions and insights when it comes to these unprecedented COVID-19 times.  Our goal is to delve into issues to help spark ideas and initiatives for positive change in this sector and beyond.

Panelists for this discussion include Gail Picco, editor and chief of the Charity Report, Ken Wyman from Ken Wyman & Associates and Daniel Tessier Young, senior consultant from the Goldie Company.