Empirical Assessment Solutions Is a Research Support Company Specializing in Understanding People’s Experiences, Perceptions and Opinions

Our Assessment Solutions Provide Clients with In-depth Exploration and Insight into the Factors That Influence Group Behaviour


We Strive for a Detailed and Accurate Understanding

By using multiple approaches, we seek corroborating evidence to ensure that we are considering patterns of behaviours from a variety of contexts and perspectives.


Our Analyses Go Well Beyond the Numbers

Thought is an important part of our analytic process.  Care is taken to explore and understand the meaning behind the data patterns.


We Focus on Solutions

We assist our clients in addressing the key issues highlighted in our reports and help them develop a long-term and sustainable approach to solving these challenges. 


Experience in Assessment Solutions

Our team has spent over 15 years developing, administering and refining safety, security and work culture protocols for a wide range of companies from the Canadian utilities, energy supply chain and mining sectors.


Innovative Assessment Solutions

Innovation is an important part of the work that we do. We are continually honing our methodology and technology to deliver the best assessment solutions possible.

Empirical Assessment Solutions News and Updates